Jamie Choser(non-registered)
Love your work C.T.

Thanks for taking the time to take our photos!

Tom Ogden(non-registered)
Site looks great CT. Keep snapping away. Always enjoy looking at your work .
Jeff Ploetz(non-registered)
You two make a great team! You've inspired me to get back into my hobby that started early teens and ran 10 years just past college. Now that my kids are grown and moved out of state, I have the 'Golden' Hour available again!
Best always
Kris Batchelder(non-registered)
You are very talented! Please keep sharing your beautiful work :) I love the Lighthouse photos from Maine. I may just order a couple!
Rita Ware(non-registered)
Love all the photos, very proud of you, you are doing a wonderful job!
Jane Pike(non-registered)
Stunning photos!
Crystal Bernard(non-registered)
I told you that you are awesome !!!! Congrats .... Can't wait for my wedding photos !!!!
Joyce Burzan(non-registered)
I am so GLAD your photos are finally for sale!!! The hard, but fun, part will be deciding which ones I HAVE to have.
Margaretha M Jones(non-registered)
Nice to see you capture the moments so they will last forever....
Brandi Ware(non-registered)
I would be remiss if I weren't the first to leave you a message and tell you how very proud of you I am, and also how proud I am of your work!
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