"Photography by C.T. Ware" is a two part team.

The Photographer (C.T. Ware):
I am a versatile photographer based out of Kingston, N.Y.   From nature and outdoor landscapes to personal/family portraits and events, you can discover a bit of everything by following my work.  

You may notice a variety of locations in my galleries, having two young kids at home, I don't often have the luxury of being out and about in the pre-dawn hours to enjoy the morning golden hour. Instead, I typically have my camera with me wherever I am, if it's a hike, a drive down the road, vacation, or someplace random I've happened to stumble across -- these are the places I find myself photographing. So I encourage you to peruse my site, and I welcome your support of my hobby; I'm sure you'll find something you like. If not, I apologize, but check back often, you never know what I'll publish next!

The Manager (Brandi Ware):
Chances are, the reason you're visiting my page today is because of my wonderful wife, who has thrown herself into my hobby. Without her wonderful support this page wouldn't be possible - a special thanks to my wife! :)

Again, many thanks for taking the time to visit the galleries of "Photography by C.T. Ware".